Shakeology Product Comparison

Welcome to the Shakeology presentation

There are over 70 ingredients in Shakeology.

•The Ingredients & Benefits Chart shows what Nutrient Groups they fall into and what they benefit.

•Some ingredients show up in multiple groups because whole-food sources of nutrients are complex and don’t just do one thing (the way nature intended it)

•You could pay about $4 for your favorite Starbucks drink, but it wouldn’t be nearly as healthy as Shakeology.
•But what about these other drinks that are supposedly better for you?
•A Jamba Juice smoothie has 50 grams of sugar and more than double the calories of Shakeology!
V8 Fusion Pomegranate juice is more reasonable at 100 calories and it has anti-oxidants, vitamins and minerals but it does not have protein, pre-biotics, digestive enzymes or fiber.
•Shakeology is cheaper than a Big Mac, but a whole lot healthier.
•Think about how many people don’t blink an eye at spending $5 for a cheeseburger and fries that has very little nutritional value.
•There are other many shakes and nutritional drinks out there.  Some brands try to combine some of these nutritional groups together but they don’t quite come close.
•If you were to purchase each supplement that Shakeology provides separately that would be very expensive.
•It adds up! For example, if you bought all these products up here it would add up to $250 (adjusted for a 30-day supply)
•That’s more than double the price of Shakeology.
•Shakeology is super nutrition and super convenient. Isn’t that worth $4 a day?